Kirtland Hills

Folder contents:

  • NH 21 Nov 1970 "St. Hubert's to Begin Year-Round Services"
  • NH 13 Oct 1990 "No longer stumped over a 'Hollow' cream bottle" (Stump Hollow Farm, Fox Spring Farm)
  • NH 17 Jan 1994 "Kirtland Hills mayor resigns" (F. John Fadel)
  • NH 12 Dec 1996 "Renovations set for Village Hall"
  • PD 15 Aug 1997 "A grave concern: Kirtland Hills' booming development worries descendant of settler in unmarked cemetery"
  • NH 9 Oct 1997 "Something new in KH--a race" (village council)
  • NH 23 Nov 1993 "KH takes advantage of deal: Village council accepts state agency's offer to reduce debt involving its membership in police, fire pension fund"

Kirtland Hills schoolhouse:

  • NH photo 28 Oct 198? "Generous donor" (Anthony Ocepek)
  • PD 4 Dec 1989 "1-room school to teach pupils again"
  • photocopies: photo schoolhouse #2 and Class of 1894-95


  • The Historical Society Quarterly, Oct 1961 featuring cover illustration of Church of the Transfiguration and article The Little Mountain Story
  • The Historical Society Quarterly, Nov 1973 featuring cover photo of St. Hubert's dedication in 1929 and article The Travels of ST Hubert's Chapel


  • print out: Selected Population and Housing Characteristics: 1990, Kirtland Hills Village, Ohio and Demographic Summary For Kirtland Hills Village, 1980


  • Bound: Points of Interest in Kirtland Hills by Janet Murfey, April 30 1988