Online Safety Resources

AT&T Presents - Safety Land!: A simple flash game aimed at younger audiences. Players take control of super hero who is on the heels of a villian who has been spamming the computers of Saftey Land. It is a simple teaching tool aimed to help children with what they should do when prompted with suspicious internet situations. - Cyber Safety: A detailed and exhaustive infographic style page aimed at teenagers and older children. This detailed collection covers many of the major points of Cyber Bullying, Identity Theft, Plagiarism, Viruses, as well as general internet safety. Written in small segments that make it very easy and quick to read.

Ozicare Insurance - A Parents Guide to Online safety: A resource designed for parents and adults. This guide is used to help explain to parents some of the common internet terminology and how to approach and help this children with many of the dangers of the internet (many mentioned in the link above). While an Australian page the information here is universal. It also provides a number of helpful suggestions that the parent can use to help minimize the potential risks on their home computer. - Digital Safety: Another Australian site that covers many of the basics of primary Internet safety to help protect you from identity theft, social media safety for both you and your children, viruses, as well as a list of some of the more common internet scams you might face.