Becoming a City

Folder contents:

  • Undated letter from Robert J Buie (?) about incorporation
  • Kirtland Town Crier, Dec 1968 includes article on Kirtland village officials taking office
  • Kirtland Town Crier, Feb 1971, front page showing Proclamation of Kirtland as a city (1 copy and 1 original whole paper)
  • Typed papers: Outline Transition from Village to City Status
  • NH photo: councilman Joseph S DiFranco and city officials raising new city sign (1 copy and 1 original)
  • NH Mar 15 1971 photos of Kirtland residents and officials celebrating becoming a city
  • Editorial from the Telegraph on Kirtland's quick change to city status
  • Proclamation of Kirtland as WWII Commemorative Community, 1995