Reading goals for 2022

They say that readers are leaders. Reading can multiply our experiences through the stories of other people.  Reading nonfiction can build expertise and reading fiction can be an escape from the issues of the day.

If you want to build the habit of reading, here are some tips to help.  From The Booklist Queen at

  • Spend more time reading.  Try to read a certain number of minutes everyday.  
  • Read more genres.  Expand your horizons -- if you concentrate on mysteries, try a western or a sci-fi title.
  • Join a book club.  It's fun to discuss books with other readers!
  • Keep a reading journal or log. is a good place to track your reading. 
  • Declutter your book shelf.  Most of us have too many books.  Many of us own books we'll never read.  Go ahead and get rid of the ones you know you wont' read -- give them away, donate them, make art out of them! 
  • Declutter your to-be-read list, if you have one.  You may have books on your list from several years ago and they may not interest you any longer.  
  • Try an audiobook -- they are great for car rides, walks, and doing chores around the house! 
  • Read for enjoyment!  

If you want some suggestions of what to read next, check out the Librarians' Pick table at the Library.  Or, ask any of the staff, we'll be happy to help you find something!